Helping Waiheke businesses and organisation make the best out of social media.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Waiheke Social Media

Waiheke Social Media will be a source of information and a service to help Waihekians undersand, utilize, and make the best out of the new social media.

There is a lot of hype around the term social media at the moment, but the idea is here to stay and is highly relevant to our communities, the way we work, and the way we play. The impact of the internet is expansive and its potential in all aspects of life can not be ignored.

The idea for helping islanders understand the landscape and use of social media came out of a course I taught at the Waiheke Community Education Centre on using Wordpress to create websites. In that course many people were becoming very curious about how blogging, RSS, and things like Twitter and Flickr could be used together to form online identities, establish community, or market a business enterprise. These people were not geeks or techies by any stretch of the imagination. They were ordinary people from a wide variety of backgrounds who all lived on Waiheke.

Our aim WSM is to help the people we currently know best: Waihekians. We believe that online media doesn't mean the end of conversations on the beach, in the supermarket, or with friends over a bottle of our fantastic local wine. So in the coming months we'll be blogging (here), working on a Facebook page, and Tweeting about social media and Waiheke Island - listen in.

If you require more personal hands-on assistance on setting up and learning about how social media can help your community business or organisation, please take a look at our Services page.