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Monday, December 26, 2016

Waiheke Social media account for tourism businesses

The @waihekeisland Twitter account and the associated @waihekeisland Instagram accounts receive substantial views and engagement over the Summer holiday period from visitors to Waiheke Island. Due to the nature of mobile use amongst visitors these platforms in tandem present an ideal means to drive visitors towards your Waiheke Island attractions. No other Twitter handle related to tourism on Waiheke has the number of followers, reach, or engagement of these two social media platforms.

Contemporary travellers particularly those from asian countries or India demonstrate a reliance more than ever on technology to plan, buy and review products and services.

“With social media forming an increasingly important part of the travel experience, travel providers will need to adopt social media into the way that they interact with their customers, using the channel both to transact and to interact.” Source: New Zealand tourism within the global environment (2014),

“...46% of total holiday travellers to Australia are booking some aspect of their trip online prior to arrival, retail outlets and the associated distribution infrastructure play a role in converting the other 54%.1 Stakeholder consultation suggests that this level is as high as 90% in emerging markets and for key purchases such as airfares and tours.”
Source: Tourism Australia Distribution in Australia’s international markets: Situational Analysis March 2013
If you are interested in finding out how your Waiheke based business or activity can benefit from the use of these two accounts please contact us.