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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Quick Tip: Facebook Page - Pin to Top

Sometimes you may want to "re-use" an older Facebook Page update that's now moved down your Page's timeline. Perhaps it was initially for an upcoming Waiheke event and now, closer to the date, you want to be sure that visitors to your Facebook Page notice this event. An easy way to do this is to use the Pin to Top functionality. To find this option hover your mouse over the post you want to promote until you see these icons appear in the top-right of the post:

Clicking on the right 'pencil' icon will reveal a drop-down menu. From this menu select Pin to Top:

This will shift the post to the top and add an orange bookmark icon to the post:

This post will now stay at the top, causing even new posts to display below it. To remove this post and put it back into the normal timeline flow of your page just hover over the orange bookmark and 'unpin'.

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